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Private Sector Contribution
Newsletter January, 2021

Apple adjusts its executives’ bonuses to social, environmental, governance performance

January, 2021
Newsletter December, 2020

Singapore United: an initiative to get together and be stronger

December, 2020
  • Covid-19 pushed Singaporeans to play a role during the peak of the pandemic, from showing their appreciation for workers on the frontline to volunteering in support of the vulnerable persons of the society.
  • Singapore United was launched by the Singaporean Government to allow everyone to give their support in a coordinate manner.
Newsletter November, 2020

HR company ManpowerGroup Switzerland launches New JobCenter Platform to support workers in finding new work opportunities

November, 2020
  • JobCenter consultants support, coach and train dismissed employees during their job search.
Newsletter October, 2020

The private sector in Africa mobilised resources to fight Covid-19

October, 2020
  • The Covid-19 Response Fund is backed by a coalition of African companies.
  • Its objective is to procure medical supplies as well as support to vulnerable population and health workers.
Newsletter July, 2020

Telefónica Spain invests in SMEs

July, 2020
  • The company participates in the digitalisation of SMEs and provide some advanced payment to its small and medium size suppliers

Mastercard new initiative in support of SMEs

July, 2020
  • Mastercard commits USD 250 million for financial, technology, product and insight assets support in US and other countries.
  • Additional USD 33 million will be given to reboot Indian SMEs, especially on business digitalisation and access to finance.
Newsletter July, 2020

French energy Group covered Covid-19 hospitalization costs for its employees worldwide

July, 2020
  • ENGIE Group anticipated part of its ENGIE CARE programme for social protection;
  • It mobilised important funding to ensure payment of its suppliers, SMEs and micro enterprises;
  • Adopted a 15% pay cut of managers policy.
Newsletter May, 2020

American Staffing Industry and Retail Industry Team up

May, 2020
  • Two key industries help placement of workers during the Covid-19 pandemic

Australia: Jobs Finder Programme for Connecting Employment Agencies and Job Seekers

May, 2020
  • The Recruitment, Consulting and Staffing Association (RCSA) finalised a partnership with the State of Queensland (Australia) to connect professional recruitment and staffing agencies with job seekers during the Covid-19 pandemic. 
  • The Jobs Finder Programme rewards employment agencies that manage to place job seekers into high priority areas.

Italian Energy Companies and Trade Unions Develop an “Holiday Bank” System to Avoid a Suspension of Work

May, 2020
  • Employees can donate their hours of work to a “holiday bank” to distribute among other employees.

Indian Business Association and an Online Education Company Join Forces to Combat Covid-19

May, 2020
  • The Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), in collaboration with a private online education company (Medavarsity) and Nathealth (the health industry body), launched a free training course on Covid-19 understanding and management.

Chinese Private Employment Services Contribute to the “Employees Sharing Schemes”

May, 2020
  • Private sector in China developed an “Employees Sharing Scheme” to transfer temporarily suspended employees to companies of the sector most in need.