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Newsletter March, 2021

Japan, new law to deal with harassment and abuse of power at work

March, 2021
  • The Comprehensive Labor Policy Promotion Act (CLPPA) (No. 24 of 2019 (Reiwa)) aims at eliminating sexual harassment, harassment against women and workplace bullying (known as “power harassment” in Japan)
  • This Act requires companies to put in place a policy to prevent harassment in the workplace, including taking measures to avoid recurrences
  • Failing to comply with this Law entails reputational risks, as companies’ names may be disclosed
Newsletter May, 2020

ILO (Bureau for Employers’ Activities ACT/EMP) published an employers’ guide on “Managing your workplace during Covid-19”

May, 2020
  • ILO ACT/EMP supported employers’ organisations by publishing a guide on workplace relations, employment and safety issues.