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occupational health and safety
Newsletter April, 2021

Swedish government releases its strategy on a “good working environment”

April, 2021
  • The strategy aims at having a sustainable working life, together with safety at work and respect for laws.
  • It echoes the European Pillar of Social Rights and the EU strategic framework on health and safety at work.

Italy adopts a compulsory vaccination approach for care personnel

April, 2021
  • Violation of this law entails the transfer to another type of work or, if this is not possible, the suspension from tasks or duties that involve interpersonal contacts and the risk to spread the virus.

Italian tripartite agreement on a company vaccination plan

April, 2021
  • On 6 April 2021 Italian social partners and the government signed an agreement on a company vaccination plan.
  • It is the first tripartite agreement of this type.
Newsletter March, 2021

Voluntary vaccination and employers’ responsibilities in Canada

March, 2021
  • Mandatory vaccination policies continue to be a heavily debated topic amongst Canadian employers

Philippines: legislative changes on Covid-19-related sick leave, social security contributions and unemployment insurance

March, 2021

The Filipino House of Representatives approved a series of Bills related to the pandemic and having important repercussions on employers

Belgian social partners sign an interprofessional collective agreement on telework

March, 2021
  • In January 2021 Belgian social partners signed a framework agreement on methods of work, working conditions and occupational health and safety for employees working from remote
  • The agreement leaves room to further agreements at the company level or specific individual agreement
Newsletter February, 2021

Singapore tripartite partners issued guidelines for mental well-being

February, 2021
  • The Singaporean government and social partners work together to build an ecosystem of support for mental wellness.
  • The recommendations are built around three pillars: individual, team and organisational level.

IOE and WEC propose the road to a sustainable recovery for employment and decent work

February, 2021
  • Based on four drivers (informality, private sector growth, creating opportunities and digital transformation), the report puts forward a series of policy recommendations for sustained job recovery