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Newsletter September, 2020

Cross-border employees: the exception to the European regulation is extended

September, 2020
  • European regulation on the 25% limit of telework in the country of residence for cross-border workers was suspended by agreements among neighbouring European countries 
Newsletter August, 2020

France gets rid of a EUR10 tax on a short term contracts

August, 2020
  • Specific short-term contracts previously subject to a tax of EUR10 are now exempted
Newsletter July, 2020

France: temperature checks before entering the workplace are not permitted

July, 2020
  • Health checks with data collection are prohibited
  • Health checks with no additional collection of data are allowed, but the employee can refuse them
Newsletter July, 2020

France: upskilling of agency workers agreed by the sectoral social partners

July, 2020
  • Social partners put in place a system supporting  the employability of agency workers

French energy Group covered Covid-19 hospitalization costs for its employees worldwide

July, 2020
  • ENGIE Group anticipated part of its ENGIE CARE programme for social protection;
  • It mobilised important funding to ensure payment of its suppliers, SMEs and micro enterprises;
  • Adopted a 15% pay cut of managers policy.
Newsletter May, 2020

Examples of Essential Services Exempted from Suspension

May, 2020
  • Specific laws were enacted in France, New Zealand, Ontario (Canada) and South Africa containing a list of essential services that could continue operating during the pandemic.
  • Employment services were considered essential in France, New Zealand and Ontario.
  • Employers’ organisations were included in the list in New Zealand.