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Apple adjusts its executives’ bonuses to social, environmental, governance performance

In its “Notice of 2021 Annual Meeting of Shareholders and Proxy Statement”, Apple Inc. referred to its future policy for compensation of executive officers, grounded on the environmental, social and governance company’s standards and values. This could raise bonuses by 10% or determine a reduction of them, after a review of an internal Compensation Committee.

The proxy statement presented to the shareholders meeting of February 2021 states that “beginning in 2021, an environmental, social, and governance modifier based on Apple Values and other key community initiatives will be incorporated into our annual cash incentive program. This change is intended to further motivate Apple’s executive team to meet exceptionally high standards of values-driven leadership in addition to delivering strong financial results. The financial performance measures and the threshold, target, and maximum payout opportunities under our annual cash incentive program for our named executive officers will not change. However, the Compensation Committee will use the modifier to determine whether to increase or decrease the bonus payouts by up to 10% based on the Compensation Committee’s evaluation of our named executive officers’ performance with respect to Apple Values and other key community initiatives during 2021”.

Inclusion and diversity of the workforce or supplier responsibility are among the key social values for Apple.